Bruce McCully

Founder of Galactic Advisors

A shit-slinging farm boy turned to be the proud founder of a 8.3 million dollar company – Builds New Security Solution!

Growing up I knew I didn’t quite fit in. Living on a small farm in northern Michigan did mean, extra special fun. Some mornings I got to sling shit and other mornings it was splitting wood, milking cows and other routine chores on our family farm. What I realized early on is that shit slinging wasn’t for me.

Now don’t get me wrong—I know dozens of guys in my hometown that are excited about tending their animals and who get fulfillment taking their prized steers to be judged at the county fair.  And I do respect them for it and appreciate a good steak, but I wasn’t built for the hard-tireless life of farming.

Going back to my childhood, I was one of the lucky ones—especially in a relatively depressed area in rural Michigan. My mom encouraged me to learn. Even with what some folks would consider setbacks in life (our family didn’t have much money and I was diagnosed early on with dyslexia), I was eager to improve myself. In fact, my fifth grade guidance counselor told my mom that she shouldn’t get her hopes up for college—that I’d probably make out to be a good bus driver or something after high school.

I’m sure thankful that my mom was my advocate and champion.

Why should you care? Because as an MSP, you need an advocate and champion. I realized a few years ago that I didn’t know if my team was making mistakes or taking shortcuts that put my business and clients’ businesses at risk. I spent years figuring out how to keep these mistakes from happening and correct them.

NOW, I’ve stepped completely out of my $8.3M MSP business to pursue my goal of protecting 1M people’s livelihoods. I am starting by defending you and your clients from hackers, ransomware and stupid mistakes. I wrote (yep my own code here) a product that identifies the mistakes and shortcuts your team is taking before the hackers do. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you and your clients are safe. (You’ll even make some extra money along the way!)